Plex Online Software as a Service (SaaS) ERP has a global reach. The Cloud ERP system connects and manages the entire manufacturing process for organizations in North America and their global subsidiaries.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Quality Management Systems (QMS) Supply Chain Management (SCM) Business Intelligence (BI) Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Whitehall Group is a management firm that serves companies who are focused on growth & transition. Our Plex Systems Team provides a broad range of operational (Manufacturing Mgt., Quality Mgt., Supply Chain Mgt.) and financial improvement services, including: Plex Systems Implementation, Process Optimization and Process & Systems Integration. We are viewed as industry leaders and we work with clients to add value to the bottom-line.

Our Methodology

Whitehall approaches every opportunity within an “Enterprise Operations Excellence” analytical framework. This framework is founded on the principles of Lean Manufacturing Process’ and enhanced with Six Sigma concepts and techniques. We extend lean principles beyond the shop floor to support functions (lean office), and the value chain up (to customers) and down (to suppliers). Everything we do is directed towards rapid improvement of operational performance that drives the financial results of the business.

Today’s Business Environment

  • Today’s economic chaos has set the global economy on a new course. In this new economy, the rate of external change has exceeded many businesses’ ability to keep pace with their internal change initiatives, while yesterday’s business frameworks no longer work.
  • Companies today need an adaptive and flexible business design which creates on-going value for all stakeholders. A business must be able to leverage new technology and strategies to continually and rapidly reinvent itself to respond quickly to new competitive markets and customer imperatives.
  • We guide companies through the complexity of the new economy by designing and assembling solutions which rapidly transform business leadership, workforce, infrastructure and other associated parties.
  • Our financial, manufacturing, operational, lean process and commercial industry expertise and collaborative style give us an unmatched ability to deliver the best-in-class business solutions in the shortest amount of time by blending the firm’s business and technology expertise with the creative talent of Whitehall management.

Who We Serve

Whitehall serves clients through a variety of channels, based upon the nature of the engagement and guided by the needs and best interest of the client.

  • Manufacturing Industries
    • Automotive OEM & Tier 1
    • Precision Metal Forming
    • Food & Beverage
    • Aerospace
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Medical Device
    • Chemical Processing
    • Distribution
    • Plastics
  • Ownership & Senior Management
  • Private Equity Firms & Investors
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

Areas of Expertise – Enterprise-Wide Solutions

  • Financial - Reporting, Analysis & Controls
  • Commercial - Marketing, Selling & Distribution
  • Strategic - Analysis Planning & Execution
  • Operational - Evaluating, Implementing & Improving
  • Process Optimization – Lean Process (six sigma)
  • Business Systems - Process & Systems Integration
  • Process Mapping and Technology Integration
  • Supply Chain Mgt. - Procurement, Logistics & Distribution
  • Program Mgt. – Planning & Execution
  • Organization - Cultural Changes, Metrics & Communication
  • Quality Mgt. – Planning & Execution

Plex Engagements

  • Constar - supplier of PET containers for the Food & Beverage Industry
  • Principal - A leader in fine-blanking, conventional stamping and plastic injection molding
  • Plex SaaS 70 Compliance Audit
  • Multiple other Non Plex System Implementations

Our Process- “Action Based” Not Theory Driven

  • Our Initial Assessment process will quantify and qualify waste and value-added vs. non-value-added activity across the enterprise – we will expose the “hidden opportunities.”
  • Our Enterprise Process Mapping yields an Improvement Roadmap for implementation across our client’s organization.
  • Our Metrics and Accountability Process (MAP) ensures improvements are implemented as planned, and savings are delivered in the short-term and sustained for the long-term.
  • Our Client’s Attainment of the Savings identified is guaranteed, given full client compliance.
  • We are “Action Based” not Theory Driven – assessment and implementation are completed in weeks, not months or years.

Our People- Senior Team, Delivering Results

Serving our clients effectively in today’s economic environment requires experienced staff to lead, manage and deliver on projects. Our Plex Systems Team has approximately 200+ cumulative years of direct global experience and is credentialized as Lean and Six Sigma practitioners, CPAs and CVAs. All have assumed operational and financial roles as CEOs, CFO’s, CIO’s, Presidents, General Managers, and Plant Managers.

Our pragmatic and hands-on experience enables our Plex Systems Team to expedite the assessments an implementations, which is augmented by our staff of consultants and analysts with proven financial and operational (ERP, BI, QMS, MES, SCM, CRM, PLM) skills and are shop-floor savvy; “doers” who take command of projects and deliver results.

Assessment and Advisory Services

  • Due diligence is a natural extension of our operational, financial, commercial and restructuring capabilities
  • Interviewing and assessing the management team of the target company
  • Touring the target’s plants and facilities to determine state of lean operations and practices
  • Assessment of target’s supply chain, it’s efficiency and any associated risks
  • Assessment of target’s customers/programs and product portfolio and book of business, to assess feasibility of volume projections
  • Assessment of target’s business plan and associated financial statement projections for feasibility of attainment
  • Review and advice on Letter of Intent/Term Sheet as it pertains to customer, supplier, financial and operational issues
  • Interim management to take immediate advantage of identified operating savings
  • Transition management assistance in the hiring, training and transition of new staff

We welcome a dialog with you to discuss how our services may be able to provide value. Please feel free to contact Joe Bione or Bill Gagnier at 248-519-1072, or visit us at

"The Whitehall Group serves our clients through a variety of channels and partnerships, based on the nature of the engagement and the needs of our clients and always in support of bottom line improvements."